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Check the Challenge Leagues (HERE) and choose what you want to participate in. Assemble the robot and know how to test it in its operating scenario.

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When the robot is giving the first steps of its development, you will be able to make videos grabbing its performance.

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Dance online - HERE



Record online - HERE

Tug of War online - HERE

Sumo online - HERE

Journey to the Center of the Earth online - HERE

Rescue online - HERE

Tug of War 2 X 2 online - HERE

High Risk Rescue online - HERE

Autonomous Car Race online - HERE

Sumo 3 kg online - HERE

It is a competence for robots destined to carry out exploration in harsh environments. These robots can be built from any platform and material. It was created in 2020, using the RoboLeague platform as a tool to compare performances under the precise analysis of teachers / referees and the community. However, the plan has ONLINE mode and PRESENTIAL mode.



  • ONLINE: The organization of the contest produces public notices of proposed problems for the ONLINE issue and transmits them to RoboLeague so that it is in charge of guiding the participants on the mission required for the construction of the robot and the stage in which it will be held. . The details of the procedures to be carried out during the prototypes of robot prototypes built in such a way that they are valid to be included in the calculation of the respective Efficiency Index are also presented. In the closing published in the annual calendar, when the YTRo @ ONLINE / TJR @ ONLINE OPEN will be carried out, the registered teams will have to present as many Performance Chips as requested and the teams will be classified for each challenge based on the Performance Indexes. Robots efficiency. obtained with the reason of the event.


  • IN PERSON: The local organizations of the contest and the participants follow the rules established in the document Summary of References and Support Notebooks for each challenge proposed. There are also details of the procedures to be carried out during the prototypes of the prototypes of the built robots.

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