What is ITR?

It is the international stage of the TJR Youth Robotics Tournament, with an annual edition since 2016. The purpose of the event is to offer the sharing of both knowledge in Robotics and Computing as well as educational project management practices based on the construction of robot prototypes. During the in-person ITR, participants are encouraged to contribute to the Institute for the promotion of their social activities.

Through the tjr or international competition

Teams awarded at the National Final of the TJR or awarded at international events up to 1 year before the start date of the ITR can apply for registration.

REcord the robot's performance 

To qualify your robot, you must make videos recording his performance.

complete and sEnd the performance form 

Having the scoring and validation videos and other data on the robot's performance, you can fill in the Performance Sheet online.

robot efficiency index 

Although the entire ITR participating team already had victorious experience in some renowned competition, as the registration so determines, the robot is required to present a non-zero efficiency index in the International Ranking of Robots by RoboLeague.

Thus, in order to be effectively qualified to present, in person, at the event, the robot must be submitted to the @ online challenge corresponding to the face-to-face challenge in which it was registered.

Important to Know

Do Science And Record Research  


Register The Making of

Apenas tente!

Apenas tente!

easy to participate


How it works


  • The organization proposes 20 challenges that address different problems in the areas of Robotics and Computing.
  • The challenges to occur in person are presented in the specific Support Notebooks for each of them and presented differently for teachers, students and organizers.
  • The event was developed to take place in person, between the end of the first and the beginning of the second semester. (If you want to know the online modality of the event, go to ITR@ONLINE).
  • Teams awarded in the national TJR Final are classified to represent Brazil in the ITR International Tournament of Robots and, similarly, for teams from other countries, those awarded in national and international competitions are invited to participate in the ITR.
  • To register for the ITR, it is necessary to register the robot and the team at RoboLeague.


Although very similar, the face-to-face challenges and @online challenges are not identical. Thus, its rules are similar, but with some differences that result from the fact that, in person, the organization can, following the rules, distribute the elements constituting the scenario as it sees fit, while, in the online modality, the scenario and the elements constitutive elements are already rigidly established in the rules. In short, the online modality is a test experiment of the face-to-face modality.

If your team wants to participate in the ITR International Tournament of Robots, in any face-to-face challenge, you will also need to know the rules of the corresponding @online challenge, as you will have to submit a Robot Performance Sheet in order to qualify to attend the face-to-face event.

Note that the Performance Sheet must be filled in with the data of the Robot's performance in the @online challenge corresponding to the presence in which the team wishes to participate.


2023 - DECEMBER 02th to 05th - São paulo - brasil