what is RoboLeague?

It is an online environment of international scope with the purpose of offering disclosure of operational results of action, in a real scenario, of robot prototypes. The first application of this environment was made to welcome the development of educational robotics projects with a focus on the production of prototypes for competitions.

Choose the challenge and build the robot 

Check the Challenge Leagues (HERE) and choose the one you want to participate in. Assemble the robot and start testing it in your operations scenario.

records the robot performance

When the robot is already taking the first steps of its development, you will be able to make videos recording its performance.

complete and send the performance sheeet

Having the scoring and validation videos and other data on the robot's performance, you can fill in the Performance Sheet online.

From Imagination to Reality

The proposal to create an online alternative to face-to-face robotics competitions, maintaining the performance of real robots, was offered by Profa. Dr. Eliane Gonçalves, in March 2020. It was intended, immediately, to favor the continuity of educational activities based on robotics projects, many of them already started in the second semester of 2019.

In this way, RoboLeague was the result of the work started on 05/15/2020 in order to guarantee online support for the documentation, monitoring and evaluation of robot prototypes.






Multimedia record

Register Humans and Robots

Register humans and robots

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How it works  

  • The environment has published the notices of the challenges proposed to the participants with the necessary guidance on the mission required for the robot to be built and the scenario in which it will have to be carried out. The details of the procedures to be carried out during the tests of the prototypes of robots built in such a way as to be valid to obtain the Efficiency Index are also presented to the interested parties.
  • The environment has a means of systematic collection of data from the records of the robots' performance.
  • The environment has an algorithm for calculating the efficiency index of each participating robot from the data of its performance corroborated by the respective audiovisual records: The developed algorithm relates the valuation of the tasks in which the robots were successful compared to what was expected of them in the proposal for the notice and measures this relationship according to time to resolve the mission.
  • The environment has the publication of the results of the analyzes in the form of a ranking __ International Ranking of Robots by RoboLeague __ which is based on the efficiency indices presented by each prototype.

easy to participate

The transformation of the status of the robots' tests until they reached the level of real experiments was due to the boldness of researching a solution that combined a computational design for analyzing the robot's performance data with the accurate evaluation of arbitration, practiced with care by volunteer teachers. previously prepared for the task. In this way, two interconnected products resulted in the Robot Efficiency Index and the analysis regarding the good laboratory practices performed by the teams when registering the performance of their robots.

RoboLeague was so successful that it served to host ONLINE versions of traditional events such as the National Final of the TJR Youth Robotics Tournament and the ITR International Tournament of Robots, creating a new modality of events: TJR@ONLINE and ITR@ONLINE.





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